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  • Hello someone told me to ask you about-jesels for pontiac heads-any leads?
    Was going to list bowtie block for sale-not enough posts yet-iron block 4.125 bore-do you know fair price for this and oddfire crank and rods?
    Thanks in advance for any help
    YO jollygreen1964 in Crystal Lake IL , Northwest of chicago by 60 miles, I would like your complete master cylin der package, ,or this PM or 815-0245-6491 THANKS-
    yeah dude i have heard alot about you and your ty, i work with darren(camaro ss) and karen smith(lotus and cobra kit car) my i ahve been dying to meet you been didn't know how to reach you. i have seen you at Halls a few times before i bought my ty.
    Thanks for your imput/reply to my engine build on the turbo,cam,stall question.....that was what I was looking for. I thought I would get some more feedback from it but yours was one of the few.... so thanks again. I think I will get that comp 412 cam and the turbo Im looking at is a AR 65 and Im not real sure on the stall yet
    would you consider any trades and money. I have a 92 ty stock and and bike I would trade im cisco 413-374-8195
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