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    OG rollcall

    Still around... Hey Dig I remember the mailing list, made some awesome friends from that email list.... Good days indeed
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    Kenne Bell billet fuel pressure regulator (sold)

    This is brand new, still in the bag. Its blue in color, model kb89060 billet aluminum adjustable regulator. I have no idea what this thing is worth...make me an offer that is reasonable and it can find a new home.
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    Phil Chivers Driveshaft loop New (sold)

    I have had this kit for years, never installed, will not fit with my transmission pan. Price is 70.00 shipped anywhere in the us. Thanks!
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    SYTY Nationals shirts

    I have a few extra shirts that never went away so I'm offering them up here, first post, first paid, they are yours. $10.00 shipped in the United States. Thanks! I have 1 large NATS X shirt I have 2 2005 syty national denim shirts, both mediums I have 5 regular t shirts from the 05 nats...
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    prop shaft (needs rebuild) factory torque converter

    Have 2 front propshafts, both need to be rebuilt, and one original torque converter. I have no idea what they are worth but they need to get out of my garage.... Reasonable offers considered...Thanks!
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    SY/TY Nats Golf

    Ok, last year a few of us golfed before and after nats. Looks like the plan is going to be 18 holes Thursday evening and then another 18 Sunday after the awards ceremony. Anyone new want to join this year?
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    Thursday Golf

    For those of you who are getting in early Thursday, a few locals and I are planning on getting a little golf in Thursday late afternoon. Anyone else interested? Let me know and I'll set something up if you would like...
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    Dyno on Friday(updated please look if you are interested in running your truck)

    I need to get a head count from people that want to dyno their trucks this year. A price has not been set yet, and of course I know that is going to be the question most of you ask. The more people that want to run their truck, the cheaper it is going to be. We are not using the same place as...
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    Past Nationals Shirts

    Ok guys and gals, this is the last post you should see about this stuff. Still have some Sy/Ty Nationals merchandise for sale. All money goes to fund Nationals for you guys. As a reminder none of these specialty shirts will be available this year, so what you see is all that is left. Please...
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    91 Syclone with Wisconsin?? plates, Vette Rims at Best Buy

    Anyone out here new In Olathe work at the Best Buy in Olathe? Think it may have been an employee's car, but not sure with the out of state tags. Grey vette rims, Altezza tail lights...looked like a clean truck from next door...LMK if you are on the list...
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    Tranny woes...Shift point problem

    Ok, So Jim Sloan and I installed a 2800 locking converter about two weeks ago... Simple swap. Now the problem I'm having...It will only shift through gears at 4500-5000 rpm. :banghead: Doesnt' matter if it is partial throttle, full throttle... That is the only place it will shift. Then...
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    Transfercase drain plugs

    Would it be advisable to put thread sealant on these? I noticed that mine were leaking a bit, so I drained it last night and am going to refill today, but would sealant help prevent leaks? Is it necessary?
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    Upgrading Brakes

    Ok, While bleeding the brakes this weekend after removing the abs, someone happened to break off a bleeder valve :flasingsmile: So, I'm told i most likely need to replace the caliper... No biggie, but my question is other than buying the wilwood or baer kit, are there any other universal...
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    Trailering a Sy/Ty

    What are the best points on the undercarriage to attatch straps to? TIA
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    Diacom/TCC Shift Light

    I am using a TC lockup switch and my question is, according to Diacom, the TCC/Shiftlight does not switch on till approx 70 mph. I've tried using a paperclip, the switch, everything and I was under the impression that it should lock up sooner... So anyone have any suggestions as where to start...